DIY Home Tint

DIY Home Tint

While many people believe that DIY home window tint kits are a cheaper alternative to having a home tinted professionally, this is usually not the case. This could be because most people don’t realise the true cost of these kits – apart from the initial purchase price, there could be hidden costs associated with DIY home tint. For example –

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Window Tint Factors

  • Time and skill – applying window tint requires time and a precise hand to ensure a professional finish. Rushing a window tint job or the lack of specialised skill in installation could result in an uneven or bubbled window tint!
  • Additional tools, equipment or material – some of these DIY home window tint kits don’t include all the required tools and material for larger projects. This could mean that you need to buy multiple kits or invest in additional tools to get the job done. This could all add up to cost much more than having it done professionally in the first place!
  • The cost of not having it done right – not applying window tint right the first time round could potentially damage the surface of your home’s windows. This means that if you are to reapply the film, the tint from the DIY tint kit may need to be removed, resulting in additional cost.

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Get a personalised obligation-free quote by speaking to your local Tint a Car store. Our team could work with you and put together a package that suits your budget. You might even find this cheaper than a DIY home window tint kit!

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