Tint a Car Quality Policy.

Quality is around the trust consumers and customers place in us combined with our single most important objective – ‘to meet or exceed their requirements and expectations in the most professional manner.

To deliver on this, we’ve set objectives and targets to measure overall performance to ensure continual improvement around our business processes.

One of the primary objectives is to encourage all people in the group to integrate quality management into the way they operate to encourage that ‘continual improvement’ within their area of responsibility as well as actively seeking performance feedback from customers.

Quality is at the core of our product offering. Providing state of the art glass window tinting to trade and retail customers since 1972, Tint a Car films are manufactured exclusively for our national network by Eastman Chemical Company in America. Eastman with a revenue line exceeding US$9 billion and over 15,000 employees on the payroll are the largest manufacturer of window film in the world where 100% of the process is undertaken in- house.

This makes Eastman exclusively the only manufacturer globally to have total control of the entire manufacturing and quality process. Furthermore, Eastman has achieved Quality Assurance to ISO9001, providing Tint a Car customer’s assurance around quality product, quality support and quality levels of service.

A Tint a Car branded product or service is a promise that it’s been supplied by a business that meets the standards detailed in this Quality Policy and is by design to ‘delight’ the customer.

  • The achievement of excellence in quality and customer satisfaction remains the primary objective and shared responsibility of every Tint a Car Franchisee and their employees
  • In support of the Franchisor’s commitment to quality of workmanship and quality of product, every Franchisee and their application teams are trained to specified standards to meet the required levels of excellence in workmanship and customer service
  • Tint a Car operates a Quality Management Systemand are fully compliant with Australian Consumer Law (ACL) warranty programs and procedures
  • Tint a Car offer a ‘no questions asked’ 30 day money back guarantee on their entire automotive tint range
  • Actively seeking performance feedback from customers is sought through a monthly ‘new customer’ survey that enables identification of opportunities for improvement.
  • All Tint a Car products certified by ARPANSA, testing proves the film does what we say it does.

Tint a Car Quality Policy – April 2017