Anti Glare Window Film for UV protection.


“I struggled to see my computer screen due to glare from the afternoon sun, as my study windows face west.”

How Tint a Home helped Mike with glare issues at home.

We installed solar window film on his home office windows to dramatically reduce the impact of glare on his screen. Now Mike can get his work done at any time of day, without any distraction or obstruction.


We have a solution for you.

Solar window film minimises glare on computer screens and TVs so you can watch without any disturbance or distraction. No need to close the blinds!


Avoid glare on screens with solar window film.

No need for blinds.

Solar film minimises glare on TVs so you can watch without disturbance.

Remove distracting glare.

Work without the distraction of glare on your computer screen.

Provides daytime privacy.

Window film provides daytime privacy without losing the view.

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Solar film is also great for…


Window film provides daytime privacy
without losing the view and light.

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Get peace of mind when your
children are playing near windows.

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Dramatically reduce the amount of
heat entering your space without using blinds.

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Some key reasons to buy window film.

Lifetime warranty for residential applications and up to 15 years for commercial application.

Tint a Car ensure that all of our window films across both automotive and home or office have been ARPANSA certified, meaning that you can trust that you’re getting the highest quality of film with true specifications. It’s just one of the reasons that Tint a Car is Australia’s most trusted tinting network!

Download ARPANSA Certificate.

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