Window Tinting Sunshine Coast

Protect yourself from the heat

Tinting home and office windows is a great way to arm yourself against the warm weather being forecast for Sunshine Coast. And with the great range of tint films that we stock, there’s no better place from which you could have your home professionally tinted!

The harsh rays of the sun can really heat up your car especially when you live on the Sunshine Coast. Thankfully, window tinting makes it much easier for you to maintain your car’s temperature at a more comfortable level, even in the peak of summer.

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UV Window Film - Window tinting Sunshine Coast Decorative Window Film - Window tinting Sunshine Coast

UV Protection Film Films designed to block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet radiation, UV protection window film is an excellent way of keeping you and your family safer from prolonged exposure.

It’s like sun screen for your home or car!

Designer Window Films Bring out the designer in you!

With custom design services available for this type of tint film, spruce up your windows or virtually any glass surface to get that designer look for less!

Decorative Films Gallery

Decorative film bathroom - Window tinting Sunshine Coast Decorative film shower screen - Window tinting Sunshine Coast Decorative film staircase - Window tinting Sunshine Coast

Window tinting is an investment, which is all the more reason to look for someone who is able to execute a proper and professional tint job.

30 day money back guarantee

An important factor you should focus on when picking your tint provider in the Sunshine Coast is the warranty service offered. Having a comprehensive warranty adds peace of mind to your investment, knowing that you’ll be covered in the unfortunate event of you needing to claim your warranty.

Tint a Car takes this a step further; we offer a 30 day money back guarantee as well, so making your decision on a tint provider has never been clearer.

Expert advice, trusted professionals

For expert advice, some of the widest range in tint supplies and professional installation of window tinting in Sunshine coast, look no further than Tint a Car. With over forty years’ experience in window tinting, trust the professionals for your all your tint needs.

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