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Professional window tinting can turn a pretty good car into an incredible ride. Window tinting adds style, mystery, and a unique flare that everyone love. Professional window tinting can keep those nosey people out of your business, all while keeping the passengers in your vehicle safe from the hot, Australian Sun.

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If your car is your baby, then you likely only want the best to tint your window. Anything less than the best and you’re taking a risk with a significant investment. Who is “the best” may be a matter of personal opinion, but there’s no denying that Tint-A-Car in Geelong is among the best there is. You might be wondering what you can get from Tint-A-Car that you can’t get anywhere else.


Tint-A-Car has more than 42 years of experience working in this industry. That’s four decades to perfect their trade, learn to overcome unique obstacles, and discover exactly what the customer wants, which they have done. You won’t find another window tinting service in Australia with the combined experience and expertise you’ll find in abundance with the Tint-A-Car staff.

Money Back Guarantee

Anytime you can find a product or service that comes with a money back guarantee, it’s a good thing. These guarantees do two things. First, it ensures that you have the right to get your money back if you aren’t fully satisfied with the final product. Second, it shows that Tint-A-Car is confident enough in their skills that they know you’ll love the job they do. You have up to 30 days to get your money back with Tint-A-Car if you aren’t happy with their job, but that’s unlikely to happen.

Lifetime Warranty

If a money back guarantee wasn’t enough, all of their tints come with a lifetime warranty. That means if anything ever goes wrong, even if it’s ten years later, you can return to Tint-A-Car and have your window tints repaired. Luckily, their high-quality film and advanced installation techniques result in the rare error, even after years of driving on the road.

Financing Options

Not all window tinting services are willing to work with their customers to create interest free, personalised financing options. Tint-A-Car understands money can be tight and building a financing schedule may be the only way some people can afford to upgrade their vehicle with professional tints.

If you’re in the Geelong area and your vehicle windows need an upgrade, then Tint-A-Car is exactly what you’re looking for, so find the closet Tint a Car store near you in Geelong.

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