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For high-quality window tinting in Geelongthat gives you more comfortable year-round temperatures in your home (along with energy savings!), you can’t go past Australia’s most trusted window tinting network. Below discover the benefits of house window tinting Geelong and the types of films you can choose from.

Tint a Home have been providing tinting services in Australia for five decades – since 1972. All films in our range are exclusive to us (supplied by the largest supplier of window film in the world) and are government certified by ARPANSA. We offer a lifetime warranty on all residential applications, which are done by professionally trained installers. We also have an interest-free payment option available.

Here are the types of films available in our range along with the benefits you can enjoy from investing in house window tinting Geelong

Home Window Tinting Geelong – Film Options

With a wide selection of films to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect film for your home and lifestyle. Here are the films available in our range

If you want to enjoy the benefits of house window tinting in Geelong but don’t want to alter the appearance of your home, we also have lighter shades of film available.

The Benefits Of House Window Tinting Geelong

With home window tinting in Geelong you can enjoy the following benefits depending on the type of film you choose (you can choose different films for different areas of your home too):

  • A positive difference in your power bills
  • Protection for you and your family from harmful UV rays
  • A reduction in premature fading of the carpets, floorboards and furnishings in your home
  • Privacy (stop those on the outside from seeing into your home during the day without having to pull blinds or curtains)
  • Reduced reflections on screens in your home
  • Add a unique and stylish element to your home whilst also offering privacy for rooms like bathrooms with decorative film
  • A more secure home with a film that helps to prevent break-ins
  • A safer home for you and your family with a film that holds shattered glass together if broken

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Use our Store Finderto find your nearest Geelong based window tinting store or call our customer service teamon 13 TINT if you’d like to find out more about home window tinting in Geelong.