Who Tints Car Windows?

Who Tints Car Windows?

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Want to know who tints car windows with high-quality films that have a lifetime warranty? You’re in the right place! Tint a Car not only offers a lifetime warranty on most of our films but we also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. Below, find out who tints windows in your local area with our store finder.

Tint a Car has been providing tinting services in Australia for over 42 years and is Australia’s most trusted window tinting network. We not only tint car windows but home and office windows too. We have a great range of tints to suit any lifestyle. Get the information below on who tints windows and find out what tints are in our range.

Window Tints Available In Our Range

If you’re looking for tinting experts who tint windows with advanced technology films, affordable tints and tints that offer unrivalled protection, take a look at the window tints in our range:

  • Octane: Darkest Legal Tint. This is the best tint if you’re looking for smooth looks and ultimate privacy. Block heat and 99% UV rays, reduce glare and choose from 2 shades of the darkest legal window colour possible.
  • Black Panther: High-Performance Tint. This is the best tint if you’re looking for superior performance and protection. Exceptional UV protection, scratch resistance, zero interference with electronic devices, and reinforces glass for durability & improved safety.
  • Spectre: Ceramic Technology Tint. This is the best tint if heat rejection is a primary factor for you. Superior infrared heat rejection, fade-resistance, clear viewing through the vehicle’s glass, and available in multiple shades.

If you would like to know who sells window tint that is the darkest shade you can get legally – look no further! Octane is our darkest legal tint and is our most popular film for good reason. It not only looks super cool but also protects against heat, glare and harmful UV rays.

Find Out Who Tints Windows Near You

Use our store finder to find who sells window tint near you and to get a quote. To speak with Australia’s leading window tint experts – who tints windows on cars, homes and offices, call Tint a Car today.