What Is The Best Car Paint Protection?

What Is The Best Car Paint Protection?

Car paint protection helps to protect one of your most valuable assets and helps maintain resale value. Find out what is the best car paint protection below along with information on ceramic coating and what is the best ceramic car coating.

Tint a Car is Australia’s most trusted tinting network and in addition to window tinting, we also do car wraps and surface protection for cars. We only ever use high-quality products and all installations are done by highly trained installers. Here is information on what is the best paint protection for cars including what is the best ceramic coating for cars to help you decide what car surface protection is best for your needs.

Surface Protection for Cars

We offer two types of surface protection for cars:

Our near-invisible paint protection film helps to protect your car’s paintwork from stone chips, scratches & scrapes, bird & bat droppings, bugs and sap. It is a stretchable coating that moulds to your car’s surface. It is long-lasting, self-healing, scratch & crack-resistant and has a high gloss finish.

We offer Wear & Tear packs that can include some of the typical or most popular coverage areas including bonnets, front and rear bumper bars, side mirror casings, door sills & edges, door handle cups, A-pillars and front roof lines.

What Is The Best Ceramic Coating For Cars?

In terms of what is the best ceramic car coating, our EliteX coating uses an advanced technology that has been tested, proven & globally certified to the stringent standards set out for Boeing compatible products. It is 4 times more durable than any quartz based product making it extremely durable.

EliteX provides a permanent revolutionary super gloss finish and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. It can be used to protect both your car’s interior and exterior surfaces using specialised interior technology that penetrates and bonds to individual fibres making it stain & water repellant.

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