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When deciding what type of window film to choose, whether it’s for your car or home, it’s important to choose the best window film for UV protection – to ensure you protect your family and furniture from harmful UV rays. However, UV window film protection doesn’t have to compromise on appearance as you can choose lighter shades of film that still offer protection.

Benefits of Tint a Car’s UV protection film:

  • Reduces harmful damage to you and your loved ones’ skin
  • Reduces fading of your carpets and floorboards
  • Reduces furniture fading
  • Provides protection whilst still looking great

UV Film Protection for Cars

We offer a UV protection film for car windows that has an SPF50+ rating – Formula One. It blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, provides heat and glare rejection, crystal clear views and has a lifetime warranty – exclusive to Tint a Car. Simplistically, it really is the best window film for UV protection.

UV Window Film Protection for Your Home

Keep your furniture and flooring looking good for longer with our Solar Film which provides UV film protection for homes. Solar Film reduces glare and offers heat rejection, making your home more comfortable in the warmer months as it helps to reduce the need for air-conditioning. A great range of films are available, from lighter shades that don’t alter your homes appearance right up to a reflective film that turns your windows into a mirror offering maximum privacy.

Get UV Film Protection for your Car & Home!

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