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Most van users are either carting around lots of people or contents, both of which you want to keep protected. Tinting van windows is a great way to protect your passengers or cargo. Below we list the benefits of van tinting and how you can get a quote for van window tinting prices.

Tint a Car has been supplying Australians with all their tinting needs for almost 50 years and is the country’s most trusted window tinting network. All our films are Government certified by ARPANSA to ensure the highest quality and all installations are done by professionally trained installers. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on car tints, no questions asked and peace of mind lifetime Warranties at all stores across Australia. Here is why van tinting is an excellent investment:

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Benefits Of Van Tinting

We offer a range of high-quality van tinting films that each have unique benefits including:

Octane: Darkest Legal Tint

Our darkest legal tint. Ideal for when you carry valuable contents in your van that you don’t want prying eyes to see (it also makes your van look super slick too). This tint not only gives you privacy but also keeps your van cooler, reduces glare and protects you and your car’s interior from harmful UV rays. High Octane is our darkest legal safety van tinting film which is 4 x thicker than standard film – offering you privacy but with the added benefit of holding shattered glass shards together keeping you safer from injury and helping to prevent smash & grab break-ins.

Black Panther: High-Performance Tint

This innovative film features the world’s leading hybrid-matrix technology film with multiple heat-absorbing nano-ceramic layers that rejects heat, keeping your van cool. If you need to stay connected whilst out on the road, no problem – this van tinting film also has zero signal interference from your electronic devices and in the event of glass breaking, the film is designed to reinforce glass keeping you safer from injury and break-ins. Advanced nano-technology reduces dangerous road glare by 63% and ultra-high-grade UV protection boosts both visibility and clarity. And, if that wasn’t enough – it’s also scratch resistant!

Spectre: Ceramic Technology Tint

A long-lasting film designed to not interfere with your technology, has the highest infrared heat rejection compared to any of our other films and also gives you clear, uninterrupted viewing through your van’s windows – both day and night.

Enquire About Van Window Tinting Prices Today

Call 13 TINT or contact your local Tint a Car van tinting store to find out van window tinting prices for your van. We can run through which van tinting film will be best for your needs and guide you on van window tinting prices from there.