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Want to make your home more environmentally friendly whilst remaining at a comfortable temperature all year round? Thermal window film is the answer! Below is how thermal insulation film for windows makes your home more eco-friendly, keeps your home cool in summer, and warm in winter, and even saves you money on your power bills!

Tint a Car has been supplying Australians with all their tinting needs for almost 50 years. In addition to car window tinting, we also offer window tinting for residential and commercial buildings. All our films are exclusive to us, Government certified by ARPANSA to ensure the highest quality and are installed by professionally trained installers. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on car tints, no questions asked and peace of mind lifetime Warranties at all stores across Australia. Here are the benefits of having thermal insulation film for windows installed in your home.

Why Thermal Insulation Film For Windows Is A Great Investment For Your Home

Thermal insulation film for windows is designed to dramatically reduce the heat and glare that enters your home during warmer months. And on the flip side, thermal window film for winter helps to keep your home cosy & warm by acting as a layer of insulation on your windows – where the cold mostly gets in and the inside heat escapes. This makes your home much more energy efficient as you don’t require cooling or heating as much and when you do cool or heat your home, it’s much more effective. This makes it much easier to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the impact this has on your power bills too.

Thermal insulation film for windows means you no longer need to draw the blinds or curtains during the day to keep the heat in or out so you can continue to enjoy the natural light entering your home, as well as the view. And, the benefits don’t end there.

  • With glare, reduced, gone are those annoying reflections on screens
  • You and your family are safer with safety or security thermal insulation film for windows as it’s designed to hold shattered glass together in the event of glass being broken which minimises injury and break-ins from unwanted visitors
  • You, your family and your home’s flooring & furnishings are protected from the damage caused by harmful UV Rays
  • Thermal insulation film for windows also adds daytime privacy without losing the view for street-facing windows or for windows that overlook neighbours

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To get a quote for thermal window film for winter & summer call 13 TINT or contact your local Tint a Car store and we’ll arrange for your local technician to do a free measure and quote in your home.

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