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Tint-a-Home is Australia’s most trusted office tinting specialist. We have been providing tinting solutions in Australia for over 40 years and offer a lifetime warranty on most of our films, which are government certified by ARPANSA to ensure highest quality.

Office glass window tint is a wise investment for any office space. Benefits of office glass tinting include cooling cost savings, protecting personnel from UV rays, branding, and increasing office safety & security. Below is a list of options ideal for office glass window tinting.

Office Glass Tinting Products

Tint a Home Solar Film

  • Office glass tinting keeps your office cooler during hot days achieving a more consistent office temperature for better comfort and productivity
  • Reduces office power bills
  • Protects employees from harmful UV rays
  • Increases longevity of office flooring and furnishings with reduction in fading
  • Reduce glare on computer or TV screens
  • Office Glass Window Tinting – Office stairs with decorative film

Tint a Home Decorative Film

  • Create private office spaces or dividers with opaque frosted film
  • Adds a creative element to your office space
  • Customisation available (add company logos to office glass window tint designs)
  • Use as a non-permanent solution to decorate office lunch rooms and meeting spaces
  • Create privacy between spaces with frosted film
  • Office Glass Window Tinting – Office with Safety & Security Films installed

Tint a Home Safety & Security Film

  • Prevents possible injury to office occupants as shattered glass is held together in the event of a breakage
  • Assists in the prevention of break-ins as it strengthens glass making it harder for intruders to enter

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