Mirrored Window Tint

Mirrored Window Tint

Using mirror for window, this is called mirror tint. Mirrored window tint can be done with a smoothing device, and a piece of chrome window tint that has been properly cut. When smoothing the mirror window film onto the car’s windows, please carefully use something like a smooth rod to help smooth the mirror window tint onto the car’s windows. It is also extremely important to review your local laws. However, if it is legal in your area, then mirrored window film is a wonderful alternative to normal blackened tint.

Adding mirror tint to your car’s window can be done rather simply if you only have a steady hand and some patience. It’s also a good idea to clean your windows thoroughly before applying any type of tint, not just mirror film. If you have any residue that’s rather hard to get off, try to carefully use a sharp blade, like a razor blade, to scrape it off. Be careful, though, to not injure yourself or your windows.

Adding mirrored window tint can create a sleek appearance that is also reflective and functional. This mirrored window film will also not only provide a good appearance for the exterior, but will also provide some much-needed protection for the interior of your beloved vehicle.

Benefits of using Tint-a-Car car window tints:

  • Seriously hot looks
  • Cuts more than 50% heat & glare
  • Maximum UV rejection
  • Lifetime Nationwide Warranty
  • Films exclusive to Tint a Car

Tint-a-Car offers a range of car window tints, professional service, a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warrantyContact them today for a store near you.

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