Lifestyle Window Tint

Lifestyle Window Tint

Although life on earth would not be possible without the sun, we need to be aware that  its ultraviolet (UV) rays are potentially dangerous to our health. For this reason (and many more), you need to learn about the many benefits of installing lifestyle window tint for your car windows.

Protection against UV Rays

In order to protect yourself from exposure to harmful UV Rays, it’s essential that you take extra precautions to protect prolonged exposure to a maximum possible extent. Installing lifestyle window tint on your car windows is a positive step towards adding that extra layer of protection for you.

Lifestyle Window Tint

Considering that most of us spend at least an hour driving, just think of how much UV exposure you could save yourself from, just be installing lifestyle window tint for your car windows.

Security and Privacy

Another reason why you should invest in window tint is to increase the level of security and privacy. Lifestyle window tints help increase your car’s privacy from prying eyes. This helps protect your valuables from potential security issues such as thieves attempting to break in, in smash and grab style attacks.

Reducing Heat While on the Road

Especially during summer, the heat can prove to be very unbearable and the use of car air-conditioners alone is not enough to minimize the effects of the increased heat. With lifestyle window tint’s ability to reject heat, the tint film can prevent the external heat from entering the car’s interior by up to 99%.

This translates to added comfort for you and your family passengers. However, the benefits of lifestyle window tints don’t just end there – with the reduced heat buildup in your car’s cabin, your air conditioning system would have to work less hard to maintain a comfortable temperature – resulting in a direct increase in fuel efficiency!

Tint a Car is your leading provider of window tint films. With several options of car window tints to pick from, you’re sure to find the perfect lifestyle car window tint to suit your car and budget alike!

For more information about the types of window tint films that we stock, or to obtain an obligation free quote for installing lifestyle window tint film for your car, speak to your local Tint a Car dealer. With a wide dealer network spread across the state, you’re sure to have one just around the corner!

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