Is Car Window Tinting Worth It

Is Car Window Tinting Worth It

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The dangers of ultraviolet (UV) light on unprotected skin has been well researched, which is why it’s always recommended to use sunscreen to negate the effects. Similar to sunscreen, window tinting protects your skin from the dangers of UV light while you’re driving – Unlike plain glass windows. Therefore, if you’re questioning “is car window tinting worth it?”, of course it is!


Is Window Tinting Worth It?

This question can be answered by considering the following benefits:

  • Blocks ultraviolet (UV) light – with up to 99% UV light blocked by window films, it’s like applying permanent sunscreen for your car windows. For example, our Formula One window tint film provides an exceptional SPF50+ UV protection for those serious about sun protection.
  • Exceptional heat and glare reduction – superior heat and glare reduction means a more comfortable and safer drive, even for our most value oriented film – midnight express.
  • Peace of mind warranty – all our car window tinting comes with a lifetime nationwide warranty* for that added peace of mind, knowing that you’re getting the best.

Still Questioning: Is Tinting Car Windows Worth It

Get in touch for a free consultation and quote. With many types of films available to choose from, we can explain each one’s difference to help you understand why it is worth it regardless of your lifestyle needs.

* Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply.