How to Reduce Heat Inside the House

How to Reduce Heat Inside the House

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In this article, find out how to reduce heat in the home with Tint a Home’s window tints.

We have been supplying tinting services for over 42 years and are Australia’s most trusted tinting network. Our high quality window tints are installed by professional installers and we offer a Lifetime warranty on our films. We also offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not completely happy, no questions asked! Read on to find out how to reduce heat in house with our tinting options below.

Window Tints & How to Reduce Heat Inside Your Home

Tinting your home windows helps to keep a more consistent and comfortable ambient temperature inside your home. Not only is the heat in your home reduced during the summer but with greater insulation, your home is also warmer in winter so you use air-con and heating less – making a positive difference to your power bills! And there are other benefits to having window tints installed in your home as well:

  • Dramatic UV reduction for ultimate protection
  • Reduces fading of your furnishings, carpets and floorboards
  • Reduces glare on screens (TV, computer etc)
  • Privacy options with a reflective film that turns your windows into a mirror

Find Out More On How To Reduce Heat Inside Your House

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