How to Reduce Energy Consumption

How to Reduce Energy Consumption

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Like many people, if you’re frustrated by the rising energy prices and wondering how to reduce your energy bill at home, consider home window tinting. With the bulk of a home’s energy exchange occurring through windows, you might be surprised at how capable window tinting can be for those looking how to reduce energy consumption.

How to Reduce Energy Costs in Your Home?

Double glazing windows are often regarded to be much better at saving energy compared to plain glass. However, installing double glazing windows is often expensive, considering your existing windows need to be replaced (and may need modification depending on its design) to do so.

With our energy efficient solar window film, you could have the energy savings of double glazing on your existing windows! In addition, you also get:

  • Increased privacy – a darker shade of solar window film is great at improving the daytime privacy of your home as it makes it harder to see in, but provides uninterrupted views from inside out.
  • Reduce the effects of UV – helps keep your carpet and furniture looking newer for longer, as fading, cracking and discolouration due to UV is reduced.
  • A range of shades to choose from – different shades of darkness to choose from means you can customise the look to suit your personal preferences.

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