How to Apply Car Window Tint

How to Apply Car Window Tint

If you’ve just bought a car without tinted windows and are wondering how to put tint on car windows, speak to our team at Tint a Car. We have variety of different films to choose from, including a budget friendly choice, so avoid the DIY hassles!

Guaranteed Quality backed by Experience

Having over 40 years of experience, Tint a Car know how to apply car window tint that lasts a lifetime. Our specially trained technicians know how to tint car windows step by step, giving you peace of mind knowing you get the best value for money.

  • Lifetime warranty – all our jobs are baked by a lifetime warranty across all stores, Australia wide*.
  • Highest quality car window tint film – we use only the best quality films from leading manufacturers. This combined with expert knowledge of knowing how to install car window tint guarantees superior infrared reduction and UV protection.
  • Controlled environment – our technicians are professionally trained to know how to put tint on a car properly, and work in carefully controlled environments. This greatly reduces the possibility of dust or debris sticking to your film during the application process, giving you much better results.

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Get in touch for an obligation free quote. Our team is happy to walk you through a range of options and can make recommendations on selecting the right type of window film for your car.

* Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply

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