Houseboat Window Tinting

Houseboat Window Tinting

If you have a houseboat we highly recommend houseboat window tint. Below, we list the benefits of houseboat tinting and why it is a great investment for your houseboat.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority states that:

  • Tint used in a navigational window must have a light transmission of at least 70%
  • Tint used in a navigational window must not interfere with recognition of the colour of lights seen through the tinted window

Tint a Car is Australia’s most trusted tinting network and has been supplying Australians with all their tinting needs for almost 50 years. We only ever use high-quality films exclusive to us and Government certified by ARPANSA and all installations are done by professionally trained installers. All our films, including houseboat tinting films,have a lifetime warranty and are always installed by professionally trained installers. Here is why more and more houseboat owners are choosing houseboat window tint for their houseboats

Benefits Of Houseboat Tinting

Here are the reasons why so many houseboat owners are choosing to go with houseboat tinting:

  • Houseboat window tint is a great way to achieve daytime privacy without having to pull curtains or blinds so you can enjoy the view from your houseboat without compromising on privacy
  • Houseboat window tint blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays protecting you and your passengers
  • Houseboat tinting also protects your houseboat’s interior from damage caused by UV rays
  • Houseboat window tint makes your houseboat windows more durable by making them stronger & harder to break – our Black Panther film is also scratch resistant
  • Houseboat tinting can improve visibility and clarity through cutting-edge technology
  • Because Houseboat window tint rejects heat but also retains it in the cooler months you have more comfortable temperatures all year round
  • Our Spectre and Black Panther houseboat window tints are designed so they don’t interfere with technology such as mobile phones and houseboat GPS & radios
  • Houseboat tinting makes your houseboat safer as we have films in our range that reinforce glass so it’s harder to break and if broken, holds glass together preventing injuries and damage to your boat.
  • Houseboat window tint significantly reduces glare coming in through your houseboat windows

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To get a quote for houseboat window tint call 13 TINT or find your nearest store to speak with your local houseboat tinting experts who can arrange a time to come out and do a FREE measure & quote.