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From buildings to transportation, windows are everywhere in our day to day life. Tinted glass for cars, homes, and offices has numerous benefits over traditional plain glass.

Advantages of Automotive Glass Tinting

  1. Reduced glare and greater visibility – With significant glare reduction, car glass tinting improves the visibility of the road ahead, making your drives safer.

  2. Better fuel efficiency & climate control – Car glass film can reduce heat by up to 95%, leaving your car’s interior cooler even on the warmest summer days. This results in better fuel efficiency and a cooler cabin, as your cooling system works less hard to maintain its set temperature.

  3. Improved privacy – Auto glass tinting provides privacy, inhibiting outsiders from seeing inside your car. This also offers security benefits, as your valuables are better hidden from potential thieves.

Advantages of Home & Office Glass Tinting

  1. Highly energy efficient – allows your home or office to become more energy-efficient by keeping warm air in and up to 68% of heat out year round with our Solar Films.

  2. Safer – Glass tinting films, such as security film, protect you and your family from injuries due to broken glass by holding shattered glass together. This type of glass tinting also strengthens glass, potentially making it harder for intruders or the elements to break in.

  3. More Privacy – From multifunctional heat and glare films to more reflective options that give your windows a mirrored appearance on the outside, you can preserve your family’s privacy whilst retaining your view and natural light with our range of Privacy Films.

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