Energy Efficient Heating

Energy Efficient Heating

Get the best energy efficient window films in the market by contacting your local Tint a Car! Enjoy energy efficient heating and cooling appliances, all-year round, to lower your energy bills at home.

Heat Loss through Windows

So does home window tinting reduce heat? It is approximated that up to 60% of heating during winter can be lost through your windows. If heated air can escape in the winter, then cool air can escape just as easily in summer. To prevent either of these from happening, install Tint a Car’s heat control window film.

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Benefits of Home Window Tinting

The benefits of getting solar window film installed in your home include:

  • Environmentally friendly – Decreases carbon footprint as well as annual energy consumption, and is extremely energy efficient
  • Increases thermal activity of your window – it’ll act as a double glazed window for a fraction of the price
  • Solar heat rejection and glare reduction – blocking out 99% of harmful UV rays, yet still allowing natural light to enter your space

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By installing a heat control window film, you’d not only experience the above benefits, but you’d also see a drastic decrease in your energy bills in the long run.

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