Busting the Myths on the Disadvantages of Tinted Windows

Busting the Myths on the Disadvantages of Tinted Windows

There are many benefits to having your windows tinted, however, some are put off by the disadvantages of tinted windows they may have heard. Below, we dispel common myths when it comes to the disadvantages of tinting car windows and provide the reasons why window tinting is a great investment for your car, home or office.

Tint a Car has been supplying Australians with all their tinting needs for almost 50 years so we know a thing or two about tinting windows! We are Australia’s most trusted tinting brand also offering state-of-the-art Paint Protection, Paint Protection Film, Car Wraps & car care products. Our films are exclusive to us, supplied by the largest supplier of window film in the world and are Government certified by ARPANSA to ensure the highest quality.

The Truth About The “Disadvantages” Of Tinting Car Windows


“Window Tint Inhibits Visibility”

One of the disadvantages of tinted glass that people may be concerned about is visibility. Whilst this is true when it comes to bubbling and peeling film, this only happens if a low-quality film is used or if the film wasn’t installed correctly. Safety should never be compromised and we always recommend having high-quality car window tint installed by professionals. And, with window tint such as our Spectre Car tint, you achieve up to 87% glare-reduction whilst maintaining supreme optical clarity for crystal clear views – inside & out. If safety is a particular concern for you, our Black Panther Tint features molecular technology distinctly engineered to reinforce vehicle glass in the event of the vehicle’s windows shattering in an accident. Additionally the film holds glass fragments together helping to minimise injury and also making it harder for smash and grab break-ins.

“Window Tinting Is Illegal”

Yes, there are some rogue window tints out there that most definitely would be illegal (and unsafe!) but be assured that all the tints we use (exclusive to us) are fully legal. Octane gives you the darkest legal tint possible (this is also our most popular window tint too!) – providing the ultimate privacy whilst making your car look so slick it probably should be illegal! 🙂

“Window Tint Damages Your Windows”

Causing damage to your windows is one of the most common disadvantages of tinting car windows we hear. If installed correctly by professionals, using the correct tools and techniques, window tinting will not damage your car windows – as mentioned above, our safety film helps to protect them.

“Window Tinting Is Expensive”

With protection from harmful UV rays (for you, your passengers and your car’s interior), reduced heat & glare and improved safety, tinting your car windows is a great investment. And the good news is that we offer a variety of tints to suit a range of budgets. Octane is our value-for-money, darkest legal tint with tints with bundle options for added protection. We also have ‘No Interest Ever’ finance options available through Afterpay and Zip Pay.

“Window Tint Interferes With Technology”

Our Spectre ceramic film features the latest in window tinting technology. Whilst it offers superior infrared rejection and clear, uninterrupted viewing, it has been specifically designed for zero interference to the signals from electronic devices. This includes mobile phones, satellite navigation, keyless entry, FM, AM and digital radio station reception or tablets.

So, with all those myths about the disadvantages of tinting car windows busted… if you’re now considering getting your windows tinted but you’re still not quite 100% sure, we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on car tints, no questions asked and peace of mind lifetime warranties at all Tint a Car stores. What are you waiting for!?

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