Dark Window Tint for Car

Dark Window Tint for Car

Darkest Window Tint For Cars - Octane Tint

Push the limits with the darkest legal tint – Octane

A dark window tint looks awesome, any way you look at it – but did you know that there are legal implications of the darkness of your car’s tint? It’s true, there is a clear distinction on the level of darkness that you can have on your car windows, so it’s probably best to opt for professional advice – this is where Tint a Car comes in.

With our Octane tint films, you’re guaranteed the ultimate in sleek and stylish window tints, while still adhering to the darkest legal darkness level of tint.

However, Octane dark tint film is not only about good looks; it also offers exceptional glare reduction to help block out the glare entering your eyes, especially useful on those highway drives.

Octane Window Tint - Silver Vehiclesdarkest legal tint - octane - orange vehicle

Octane – The darkest legal tint

In addition to this, Tint a Car’s range of Octane tint films also offer exceptionally high ultra violet protection, to help protect both you and your passengers from the harmful UV rays entering your car.

This dark tint film’s UV protection also helps maintain your car’s interior and keep it in top notch condition as they are exposed to less UV rays, thereby creating an effective shield against UV damage, discoloration and cracks on leather seats and dash trims.

Dark Window Tint For Cars - Holden

Also, Octane being the darkest window tint for cars also has extraordinary protection against heat entering your car. This helps in many ways:

  • Helping keep your car cooler inside– by cutting the amount of heat entering your car through your windows, Octane dark car tint helps maintain a cooler internal car carriage temperature, thereby promoting a more comfortable ambience in those hot summer days.
  • Helps increase fuel efficiency – Octane’s darkest legal tint film could also help increase fuel efficiency due to the restriction of heat entering your car.
    This will aid your air conditioning system as has to work less hard to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Protects your car’s dash and trim from heat damage – reduced the likelihood of your car’s internal trim being damaged due to heat, as the carriage is kept cooler with the reduction in heat entering through your car’s windows.

To get more advice on Octane – car tinting with the darkest legal tint available in the market today, speak to our expert team at Tint a Car. With a wide history of successful customers and professionally trained window tinting installation at hand, we guarantee all our tint jobs to be done right first time round!

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