Car Window Tint Film Removal

Car Window Tint Film Removal

Car Window Tint Removal

Tinting your car windows provides many benefits that include protection from harsh ultra violet radiation from the sun, helping reduce glare and last but not least, making your car look sleeker and more stylish.

However, before applying new car window tint, you need to ensure that the windows are free from old tint – which could often be quite hard to completely remove.

This is where Tint a Car comes in; with over 40 years’ experience in car window film removal and application of fresh tint, our team of experts possess the right tools and equipment to transform your car by removing old tint and applying a fresh film of your choice.

How much to remove window tint?

Window tint removal is often much more complex than most assume, depending on the type of tint film to be removed. For example, most tint films comprise of two layers of film bonded to each other. Attempting to peel off this tint without professional help could result in only one of the layers peeling off leaving the sticky bonding residue on your car’s glass, which is often much harder to remove later on.

To have your old tint film removal done right, speak to your local Tint a Car dealer. With stores located across Australia, whether you’re looking for a store to remove car tint in Perth or Brisbane, you’re bound to have one just around the corner.

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