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Automotive Vinyl Wrap Near Me

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Tint a Car is Australia’s most trusted vinyl car wrap company. We have been providing tinting and wrapping solutions for over 40 years and offer a lifetime warranty on most of our films.

We have exclusive products from the largest supplier of window film in the world, installations are done by professionally trained installers and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


What is Vinyl Car Wrapping?

Vinyl Car Wrapping is the process of transforming the overall look of your car by applying large sheets of coloured, textured or custom-designed vinyl film to various (or all) panels of your car.  Not only does it allow you to give your car a custom look but also it can protect your car’s original condition, or prevent your paintwork from any further environmental damage (like bird poo, tree sap and the like).

Why would I wrap my car? And how much does it cost?

Besides wrapping your car to transform it and to express your individuality, car wrapping is also significantly cheaper when compared to other forms of car modifications. A new paint job on your car could cost you anywhere from $1,000-$10,000 depending on the quality and workmanship. Whereas vinyl vehicle wraps can cost as little as $50 (for an area like side mirror casings).  Pricing varies depending on what area/s of the car you’d like to wrap, but a typical example of a car bonnet, for instance, would cost around $350.  Costs vary depending on the vinyl wrap used, the amount of panels wrapped, and car type/size.

What areas of the car can be wrapped?

Popular partial car wraps include:  bonnet, roof, boot…but we really can wrap any part of your car – from door handles to racing strips down the side of your car –  OR all of you car, with complete wraps! With a life expectancy of 1-10 years vinyl wrap can increase your resale value by protecting your vehicle’s original factory color and protecting your paint from natural hazards and weathering. Vinyl wrap also acts like a shield protecting your car from minor stone chips and abrasions.

Vinyl wraps are also easy to maintain.  Hate waxing your car? No problem! You’ll never have to wax your car again! All you need is soap and water to keep your wrap clean and cool, and if you ever get over your vehicle wrap (like that will ever happen!), it can be safely removed without damaging or affecting your paintwork at all.

What about vinyl wraps for businesses?

Have a business you want to promote? We can use vinyl wrapping for that too.  Simply provide a design and we can make it happen!

Is There a Vinyl Wrap Service Near Me?

Yes! Simply type in your suburb or postcode into our store finder to locate your local Tint a Car store that does automotive vinyl wraps near you.

Who Does Vinyl Car Wraps Near Me?

There are Tint a Car stores located throughout Australia, so we’re confident you will be able to find one of our automotive vinyl wrap stores near you. And to make it even more convenient for you, we offer free courtesy cars whilst we tint your vehicle.

Other benefits include:

  • We offer 3M custom vinyl car wraps to create a unique and distinctive look for your car, ideal for advertising your brand or business
  • We use high quality car vinyl wrapping film from 3M that also adds a durable and protective layer to your car’s paintwork
  • A large range of colours and textures are available and you can choose to wrap your whole car, partially wrap it or even add a racing stripe!

We also offer a near invisible paint protection automotive vinyl wrap at a store near you that helps to protect your paintwork from scratches, stone chips, scrapes and bird poo.

Contact Us Today

If you’re asking ‘who does vinyl wraps near me?’ call 13 TINT today and our team will connect you with one of our Tint a Car stores that provide automotive vinyl wraps near you.

With Tint a Car’s huge range of vinyl wraps, experience in vehicle customisation and branded wraps, the time to make your car as unique as you are is now!

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