Mobile Car Window Tinting Perth

Beat the Perth heat with our mobile car window tinting service

We all know how hot temperatures can get during the Perth summer. The heat and combined glare make car window tinting all the more important. Mobile car window tinting can offer great UV protection and reduced glare. However car mobile tinting should be done in a closed and controlled enrivonment.

Benefits of car window tinting

  • Seriously hot looks
  • Cuts more than 50% heat & glare
  • Maximum UV rejection
  • Lifetime Nationwide Warranty
  • This film is exclusive to Tint a Car

Tint-a-Car offers window tints that are the darkest, legal tints and many which are exclusive to them meaning you can’t find them anywhere else.

Our range of car window tints

  • Octane Window Tint
  • Bolle Automotive Window Tint
  • Midnight Express Window Tint
  • Formula 1 Window Tint
  • Unbreakable Window Tint
  • Viva Window Tint

Car window tinting will protect your car’s interior from UV damage making your driving experiences all the more pleasant regardless of the soaring temperatures outside.

We have you covered

Minimise your hassle of waiting for your car to be tinted, see which store offer a courtesy car while you get your car tinted by our professionals. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty!

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